Watching him Sleep !!

Not the prettiest of the sights could beat the sight of a sleeping baby. Especially when he is lying right next to you, on his side, facing towards you. With his one fist tightly closed and the other one loose open. When he is lying with his open hand on his chest and closed one on the bed near you. His mouth half open and his eyes half closed. 😍

watching baby sleep
At that hour of the night no matter how tired I am after a day fully occupied with house chores. No matter how much my back suffers with pain or how badly my legs hurt. Or no matter how i might have been planning on to relax with my favorite book in hand or my favorite season on the mobile screen with a good cup of tea. I just can’t resist lying down with my baby as close as possible. I Smell his sweet breath and i kiss his beautiful hands , little nose , randomly parted lips, a fine forehead, lovely cheeks and those small legs as one is so beautifully put over the other.

I just can’t have enough of that peaceful little face. And in order not to disturb that beauty sleep I even hold back my cough and i do not sneeze!! I just can watch him sleep for hours and why should not I ?! For I have been chosen by my Lord to be the closest to this wonderful creation. For I am the source of His love and kindness for this little one in this world😇

Well, This does not mean that there are not the days when I just doze off after a rough day. I do.!! But, Whenever i am not , I see my son sleeping, And i just can’t resist giving him tons of kisses and bundles of prayers. All the prayers I know of. And I can’t stop smiling at him. I so praise Allah Almightily for the miracle HE made me witness. The miracle of wilful selflessness and miracle of being overwhelmed with affection. This affection makes me pull his small pillow even closer to me on the bed.

While his cot is just standing beside, absolutely idle. I know there would be a lot of arguments given against co-sleeping and may be I will shift him to his bed in near future. But whenever I think of this shift the first phrase that hit my mind is -‘not-so-soon’!

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