That Lovely day, My Birthday!!

I like Birthdays. All the glamour and celebrations that they have. Songs, cakes, presents, food, everything. I like those surprises. The shouts, light outs, candles and lovely protocol that you get all the day. This year my birthday was different. It was not all glamorous with many cakes, many guests, many friends. But..

beautiful birthday cake pictures for her

It was the most precious birthday. As it was the first with dear son, Ayaan. I was not expecting much or looking forward to a lot to come being an expat. I was kind of remembering the birthdays in the homeland. Where it becomes quite an event. But I was happy to be with my husband and baby. But, this birthday proved to be quite a blast!!

The day started at 12 a.m. when i was just sitting in the living room being lazy and sleepy and watching Ayaanu play. Husband was asleep already. Suddenly the Birthday song started to play loud on T.V. and i realized that You-Tube has been connected and a cute baby bear was dancing on the screen singing Birthday song. Voila! this was husband’s doing. He was standing right there laughing at the corner looking at my confused face. I loved the moment when i realized that he was not asleep but was waiting for the clock to strike 12. 😀

Next day Husband came back from work with flowers, Gift basket and My lovely Nikon D5500. 😀 I was above the moon. It warms my heart to see how he remembered all about our one casual discussion when i mentioned that i am planning to buy a camera. because i love to photograph our son. I was never a passionate photographer but being a mother i want to capture all our family moments. My small family with all its beauty and blessings. which requires a camera in hand. (Not to mention my phone memory always remains full because i find no strength to delete even the imperfects of the image i have taken of my son or with my son. )

Later in the evening, we went out for dinner at Chilies. After dinner, all the staff at Chili’s came with my cake singing Happy Birthday to me. Its a tradition at Chili’s to wish birthday like this. and its super awesome.

The day did not end just yet we went out for shopping and i bought some makeup products I had in mind to buy. It was a super cool birthday. A day well spent with Husband and Baby.

I was not looking all perfect and beautiful. My hair was a mess, unlike all dolled up birthday girls. I could not wear makeup as the dear son was just being grumpy when we were leaving for dinner. But I enjoyed every moment of it. From 12 o’ clock till 12 o’ clock! I felt all the blessings i have.

Later at night when I was reviewing the pictures and videos, i realized that a day can be simple yet perfect, less rushy yet celebrated, Noisy yet peaceful. Yes, a day can be all, when you see those who matter to you do care for you a lot. Not that i am by any means against birthday parties.  I love them. But a slow day well celebrated can be all that you want sometimes. Celebration can have all different meanings and all different colors.

All the love to my dear husband for making the day memorable. I have started planning for his Birthday, right from the moment, now! Any suggestions how should I go about it with my limited sources, considering the fact that i am not working so can’t go out much and have a baby with me, who most of the times act as a little attention seeker!

All the suggestions are welcome. My time starts now! Tick Tock!!

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