8 Smart Toys for One Year Old , Make your Kid Smarter

Is your baby recently tuned one? Or is he going to turn one and you are planning to add to his toy collection? I am going to share a list of smart toys for one year old, these toys make your kid grow smarter. This list will give you a helping hand even when you are planning to buy a gift for him.

First birthday is a major milestone for parents and baby both. When my son turned one. We got a lot of toys. Some as a present and others we bought ourselves. Because as parents you can’t really walk past an attractive toy.However, I learned with time that not every toy is equally good for my baby. That’s when I felt the need to search for the toys and the skill they help my baby to develop. And then shortlisting the toys to buy.

I realized that many of us including me have been buying toys for one or more of the following reasons

1)- We see other kid’s toys

2)- We do impulse purchases of attractive toys

3)- We go in a shop and buy toys in beautiful packaging

4)- We buy the things which we remember using ourselves as kids

But I say buy the toys that can add to your kids’ skill development. The toys mentioned below can help your baby achieve his milestones. In today’s busy world where parents have less spare time from work, no matter home chores or office work. If your kid has right kind of toys you can expect him to learn and explore with slightly lesser aid by you. However, the toys cannot replace you. The things babies can learn from parents are enormous. But parents can surely use toys are helping hand in baby’s learning process.

This is the list of toys I found very useful based on my experience with y son. Let’s see what I have got.


1)- Baby Walker

There are many different types of walkers available in market these days. I personally have seen following types

  1. Traditional walkers. in which baby sits and tries moving the walker through his legs
  2. Pushing walker (Cart Style). Baby stands up gripping the walker and tries to push it forward

I got both for my son and what I realized later that the traditional walker is not very helpful because when baby sits in it. His back is always supported. So, when he tries to walk without the walker, he finds it hard to balance himself.

baby walker toys for one year old boy

The pushing walker is better in this sense. As in, the baby learns to stand with its help and learns to push and take steps. Also, those walkers have attractive music and activity based front side. (Having beads and colorful buttons). Which keeps baby busy when he is not walking. It becomes a toy for him and he can sit and play with it.

But to tell you the truth. I think the baby learns walking the best in his natural environment. Like standing up with the help of sofa, table and wall. And trying to walk holding them. The babies who learn walking without these walkers, learn fast.

image source

2)- Blocks- Smart Toys for One Year Old

Not many blocks are for one year old. But there are some in the market for one-year-old. If you buy the blocks for your baby when he turns one it can help him develop hand eye coordination. Also, I have seen that small babies who do not walk and run can actually look at the parents and copy whatever they are doing. With a little longer attention span compared to when they learn walking and running. If you buy them suitable blocks as early as one year old and sit with your baby to show him how to build. I am sure you will see them doing this on his own very soon.

Types of blocks I have seen in the market and have attracted me for my one year old kid.

  1. Plastic Blocks set- Which contains blocks that are bigger in size. Because babies as small as one year old, tend to take everything in their mouth. Keeping this in mind. Try to buy blocks which are bigger in size so that they are safe for baby
  2. Rubber blocks set- I have come across this amazing rubber block set. It has numbers written and animal shapes engraved. These blocks connect to each other through shapes. As in the first block has a heart shape and it connects to second block which has the heart shaped space to fit in. So, the benefits you can achieve are multifold. Baby can start learning numbers and recognizing shapes. He can also learn to recognize animals. The set I bought has 6 such blocks.It is one of the best toys for one year old.


3)- Activity Table/Activity gym

This specific activity toy comes in multiple shapes and sizes. Let me explain

  1. Activity Table– It is available as an activity table with very colorful and engaging surface. It has holes of specific shapes along with small blocks of those shapes to put in/Fit in the holes. It has a zigzag beads line. Babies love to move these. Also, you can say out loud the numbers while counting the beads and baby can get familiar to the numbers. It keeps baby engaged for a quite good time. It is indeed a smart toy for kid. Do you need an Activity table? Get one from Amazon at a price you can afford.
  2. Activity Gym– It is a more moveable form of activity table. It is nice and small and can be carried to different rooms easily. It almost has all the features of the activity table. Just the different shape. You can visit the toy shop and see and decide for yourself. So-as to buy what suits you the most.

activity table for kids one year old baby toys

4)-Kids Kitchen set/Pots and dishes

Babies love this. It’s my personal favorite. It boosts their imaginations. Because babies love to copy. The way they see their parents and in most of the cases, mothers, they tend to copy and do the same things. They eat and make you eat the imaginary food. They pretend cooking.

One humble suggestion, please buy this for your boys as well. Don’t think and make it gender specific. It is equally beneficial for boys and girls both. If you like to get a cute kitchen set for girls then grab it from Amazon here.

kids kitchen sets toys for baby girl


As babies see cars so much these days. It can be a very good addition to their collection. It helps them do the pretend play. As I can say for myself that I have seen my son try to put on his seat belt on his toy car. So, we can safely say that it initiated a pretend play for him. It gives them the real world feel, which is great. The types available for cars are manual (pushing) cars and remote-control cars. You can buy according to the area that shall be available to drive them.

educational toys for 1 year old boy

6)- Pop up activity toys

These are my personal favorites. Because they are small and can be carried anywhere. Moreover, if babies develop an interest in this, they can be busy for quite some time. All you need to do is to bring this toy up.

These toys normally have buttons and when you press the button a lid (Lids are number marked) is popped open. An animal or a shape comes out. You can make your baby learn this way. If you like Disney Mickey Mouse character then you can find its pop up toy here.pop up activity toys for one year old

Also, the buttons are different in shapes. Like the toy I have has rectangle, square, circle and triangle shaped buttons. Babies spend more time for circle shaped button. Because its not easy to open. But hey, is not this just great?

7)- Toy musical instruments

Such as piano. Xylophone etc. For the moments of peace and the development of a habit to sit, play and enjoy themselves. These toys are great for this purpose. and Indeed they are the popular toys for one year old kid.

toys musical instruments for kids one year old toy baby boy

8)- Balls and a Ball pit

Throwing a ball helps majorly in hand eye coordination. If you play a ‘catch-catch’ game with baby, it becomes so exciting and amazing physical activity for them. It also motivates them to walk or run. Balls are a great idea. You can also buy a ball pit. Your baby shall love sitting in it initially. And shall learn to climb up to come out when he grows up. (haha)

child plays in ball pits toys for baby boys


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That’s all from my side for now. There might be some other great toys or there can be new toys presenting totally a new idea. So, if you have time do visit the market. Do it. Just don’t give into impulse purchases and try to buy the toys that can really be a helping hand in your baby’s physical and mental growth.

Ending note:

If you have an item to add please leave it in the comments so that everything related to this topic remains at one place. It shall be super beneficial for everyone.I am sure you have your own list of smart toys for kids.

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P.S: For the ease of writing baby by and baby girl both are mentioned as “He”

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