What is Postpartum Depression? How to Manage it ?

Post Delivery or Postpartum depression are two names for 1 thing. I shall not talk about the regular bookish stuff on this topic. That you can find on the internet and in the books. I shall talk about it through my personal experience. And I shall talk about how you can make it easier for yourself.

postpartum depression what is it and how to manage depressionWhat is Postpartum Depression: That’s What do you feel

As per my experience, one can feel:

Most of the times overwhelmed.
Unnecessarily weak
Mentally exhausted
Feel like running away from tiring and difficult situations
Too emotional most of the times or helpless and hopeless
Guilty and depressed on small things
Emotionally and physically drained
Always at the verge of crying

There can be other symptoms. So, all you need to consider is that your body went through a lot of changes during pregnancy and especially after delivery, rapid changes happen. Expect the unexpected and be ready.

Initial days after delivery: What to Expect

These are the things you can expect just after you are done with delivering your baby and all those challenges of labour and giving birth

You might not:

    • feel as fit as you felt before.
    • get proper sleep or get to sleep at all
    • be able to go out often
    • be able to resume your work life the way you have always been

You might feel :

    • guilty for your parenting imperfections at times
    •  helpless and clueless about baby demands at times
    • tired of being needed all the time

You might:

      • start forgetting things often
      •  feel a lack of concentration
      •  lose a lot of Hair (No kidding)

All this takes a toll on new mothers. They start feeling helpless, depressed and alone. Especially those who live abroad and there is no one to take care of the baby with them.

postpartum depression

How to manage postpartum depression/Anxiety

1)-Surround yourself with your loved ones:

Especially your mother and your sisters. Because they can take care of you the way no one else can. They can also bear with your mood swings and will not be angry at you. They shall be able to bring sanity back in your life just when you would need it the most. So keep them close
2)- Ask for house help:

Don’t shy away from asking for help. You need someone to take care of and your household chores. You cannot do everything by yourself. Accept this fact. So get yourself help. You can not possibly take care of a very small baby and yourself while doing the house chores. If you do so, it shall affect your health. If not mentally then physically.

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3)-Train your Husband beforehand:

Your husband should absolutely know what post-delivery depression is and how can it affect your health. How your behaviors might not be the same. Mood swings can be there more often. You might feel anxiety and depression. He should be all ready to help you. In whatever way he can.

4)- Do the positive gratitude exercises:

It helped me a lot. I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness an hopelessness. so, I started writing “Three things I am grateful for today”. It helped me channel my positivity.
5)- Know that it is going to be over soon:

Well, it does not remain there forever. You eventually touch base with your old self. Your memory is going to come back. Your hair is going to get better (Or you will make your peace with them. Just kidding). So, keep repeating it in your head that night is the darkest before dawn.

6)- Ask for medical help:

If your depression is getting worse, there is no shame in asking for medical help. Don’t delay it. You can go straight to your gynecologist if you know nothing about any relevant doctor. Your Gynecologist shall refer you to the right person.

And there is one thing that never gets better after baby:

It is your peace of mind. As mothers we always are worried. It shall probably go on like this forever. I personally call this real baby blues. They remain there for life with us.

Ending Note:

Ladies it’s not going to be easy. Especially if you take a career break for baby. You might feel depressed, worthless, guilty, hopeless and helpless at the same time. But do not let these feelings disturb your sanity. Be grateful for what you have and remain hopeful for what you can still have.
And, it is not going to be easy if you choose to work after baby. You will always have that guilt and worry. And you will always be asking this to yourself that if it’s all right. You will always keep on judging yourself.

It’s not going to be easy for any mother in fact. It affects everyone to some extent. Some are lucky but remember not everyone is. I am sure you can handle it better if it does not get to you unexpectedly. Prepare yourself.

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