Top 10 Pacifiers Myth and Facts Every Mom Should Know

Pacifiers were the greatest myth for me when I had my son. It was a big “NO, NO” by everyone around. I used to hear that

The jaw shape shall be changed
Teeth shall not be straight
It will make him fall ill often
So on and on.
But I used it anyway.

To tell you the truth, not everything mentioned above is wrong. Most of them are right. But I faced none of this and avoided all. Do you want to know how? I will explain it step by step.

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1)- Whom can pacifier help the most?

Pacifier can be of great help to the mothers who have no one else to help them with the babies. Especially the expat women living alone abroad.

2)- When can you start using a pacifier ?

Pacifiers can be of great help to you when your baby is very small. Because very small babies love sucking. It soothes them. It also helps them fall asleep easily. So, it can spare mothers especially those who are alone and have no one else to help them with the baby. Otherwise, you can avoid it if you have many people around. I used it for my son the first time when I took him abroad. He was only 41 days then.

3)- When can pacifiers help you the most?

Here are some places where you can avail benefits from a pacifier.

Air travels:
During air travels, pacifiers can be of great help. Babies feel the ear pressures too and it disturbs them a lot. As elders, many people chew gum during takeoff especially. To manage relieving ear pressures. But babies can’t do that. That’s where pacifier helps. I used to keep the pacifier with me during air travel and would only give my son during takeoff and landing.

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Night times:
For when baby wakes up and does not want to take the feed, pacifier for some minutes can make him fall asleep more quickly and you can rest too. I used to take out the pacifier as soon as my son would fall asleep. However please do not misjudge hunger. Because if your baby is hungry he will not let go of a pacifier. You need to be very extra sure that you fed him well and his belly is full. Then and only then a pacifier can help.

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Special occasions:
Special occasions like wedding and parties, when you can’t rock your baby to sleep. You can use a pacifier to make them fall asleep quickly. Because with all those heavy clothes and makeup it’s not easy to handle a small baby too. Pacifier can help you then.

I personally did not use a pacifier during the daytime. Unless and until it would turn out to be my only help.

4)-How many pacifiers you should keep?

If you choose to use a pacifier as much as I did or even more if you like. You should have at least two (2) pacifiers with you all the time. And those should be sterilized. Make sure that you keep them clean all the time

5)- Which pacifiers to buy ?

Although I am not a very brand conscious person. However, we shall agree that quality connotation is attached with brands. So, I learned that I should go for only high- and top-quality brands for bottles and pacifiers. I always used Phillips Avent bottles and pacifiers.
They are available in different shapes and colors. And are good to use. They also come with instructions to use. Make sure you read all carefully before you start its use.

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6)-How to buy Pacifiers

Just like feeder bottles, pacifiers are available according to the age of your baby. So, choose one which is suitable for that specific age

7)- Other Pacifier brands

All brands that manufacture feeder bottles manufacture pacifier as well (as per my market survey). So, you can choose tommytippee, juniors, pigeon etc. If you trust a feeder from a specific manufacturer, you can trust their pacifiers too. (Just saying!)

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8)- Pacifier essentials

A chain that can tie your baby’s pacifier with his clothes. So that pacifier does not fall if baby consciously or unconsciously throws it away. It is easily available from any shop selling baby stuff.

9)- When to stop using a pacifier

As soon as your baby starts teething, finish its use. Otherwise, all the myth saying shall come true regarding the baby teeth. My baby started teething by the 8th month. So, the pacifier was a total help till then.

10)- How to stop using a pacifier

You will have to soothe your baby for some days after you stop using. You might keep him on your bed at night so that you can make him fall asleep again if he wakes up.

I have seen moms struggling when they stop using a pacifier. Some of them end up using them again at times. But it shall only make the situation difficult for you. Once you stop using, throw away all the pacifiers. Just like “Burning all your boats”. And stop worrying, it is only a couple of says and baby will learn to live without pacifiers. Remember babies are a very flexible creature. They adapt soon. Just trust yourself and you will do this.

General Tips:
  1. Keep two pacifiers sterilized with you at night. I used to do that. It helps if one pacifier falls and is all dirty. In that case, you can use the other one Don’t give a baby pacifier, if he is going to be on different laps in a short time. Because if baby throws a pacifier, the chances are that he will get the same one again. Because not everyone is very careful about hygiene and cleanliness. But babies are very delicate creatures. Be super cautious.
  2. Must sterilize/Boil pacifier once in 24 hours. But I used to do it as and when needed. Wash it with soap before you boil/sterilize it.
  3.  Never use the same pacifier if:
  • It touches anything, your hand, clothes, diaper bag, stroller. Nothing is clean
  • It is torn. Throw it away immediately and get a new one
  • you lose its cap. A pacifier without a cap is wasted pacifier. Throw it
  • It is not properly sterilized. Like boil it or sterilize it in your sterilizer.

My experience and planning:
I was told many things about pacifiers. But I did not trust the word of mouth. I searched and read about it. And I realized that in my case scenario where I was going to live alone and was not in the best of my health too, Pacifiers could be of great help to me. So, I planned its use. Inventions are there to help us. We just need to figure out how much we can afford to take their help and when we need to stop depending on them. However, I would have been very guilty if I could not have stopped its use before my baby started teething. Because the teething problems associated with pacifiers are scary. I did not take the risk and did not experience how pacifiers go with teething, so I cannot and should not really talk about it.

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