A Letter to my Baby Son!

Dear son,

I pray that you grow up to be a wonderful young man. I wish you to see all the beauties that life does offers and I want you to enjoy every bit of it with all your heart and soul. I want you to have that sense to cherish the first rain of the season especially when the first few drops touch the sand and that flavor which rain does add to the air. I want you to enjoy the sunshine; in winter for it shall give you warmth and in summer; as it will be making the day beautiful and bright.

I wish you enjoy the spring as the flowers shall bloom and leaves shall be fresh and green giving vibrant colors to the surroundings. I wish you enjoy the Autumn. That season with fallen leaves and those somber, shady and quiet evenings which shall give you time to ponder and think. I wish that you take delight in your travels, wherever the life shall take you.

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I pray you complaint less in your life and see blessings more. I wish you to become positive and optimistic. I wish you become your strong self and absolutely self-sufficient yet someone who knows how to rely upon and trust.

I pray you to have good people as friends. I wish you to lead a balanced life with more laughter. I wish you learn to get over things faster. I wish you know when to surrender and when to fight back. I hope you know how to get up every time you fall. I want you to know that to fall is totally human.

I want you to know the fact that not every victory is going to be yours and that sometimes you will just lose but do not envy those who win. Find that content feeling in your heart and move ahead. I wish you know that what your life means to those who love you and I hope you take good care of it. I hope that you shall be thankful to Almighty for all that shall be given to you and you shall work and pray for whatever you shall require more.

I promise that I shall do whatever I can to make all this possible.


But I am not experienced in parenting. So whenever you feel something is missing, think of a young mother; who knew nothing about parenting before she had you.

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In love with you forever❤️

Your Mother……

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