3 things no one told me about living in Muscat !

Well, no one told me what to expect when I left homeland for living in Muscat. I was all up for new places, experiences, food and people. But how shall my life be actually? That was a question mark. But I was confident that I shall be making a wonderful life, how soon? I was not sure.

So here i am after a year and a half, writing this post and talking about what are the three things you should expect living in Muscat, Oman. Especially if you originally belong to a fast-paced city or you spend a full of thrill lifestyle.

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  1. Muscat is a slow paced city

Yes, it is. As slow as it can be. Not many activities, not many adventures and not a big hustle Bustle city. City is usually closed at around 10 p.m. So no shopping, fancy eating, outside night life. You will have to adopt this lifestyle of early to bed and early to rise. Which is good for all the reasons but you will have to adapt to this. I see a big plus to this. Which is the tranquil it offers? All the quiet, peace and calm. Less noisy, less rushy. Sober in itself, mature to look at. Is not it lovely? just a thought.

2.Muscat Weather is a challenge

It is extreme. Sunny and hot most of the time of the year. Summer is usually in full swing. You can’t bear the sun outside and trees do not offer shade. (Perks of living in a dessert). Most cars are parked directly under the sun and starting a car and waiting for its air conditioner to work, requires a lot of patience. Those who sweat a lot have no hope of going out in summer. But you can visit malls. They are sometimes so chilly that i feel cold actually. For the hot sunny days, malls are the only place you can think to go out. Or if you can bear the after-effects of hot sunny day, you can enjoy late evening with friends and eat homemade food outside.

Or maybe the early morning recreational trips or eating out with your folks before the sun comes out in full swing. I have seen people do this and its fun. Having said that, when it rains here it becomes so beautiful and pleasant that you would love to go out on the roads for a long drive or to the beaches. It is all lovely. The landscapes, the smooth roads, the perfect mix of dry hills and greenery. It makes you all fresh. November till February is the most pleasant. You can plan as many outdoor activities as you like and the city shall surprise you with its potential, i promise.

3.Expat women and finding work

Well, let’s say the situation is not very favorable. Not that women don’t work here, they do. but in some fields of work, expat women really face a challenge to get work visas. I hope the situation shall get better in future but for those of you who have always been working, well, you may end up not working for some time. This can be a real life change of dimension and you will have to adapt to a new lifestyle of staying at home for a while.

Speaking of it all, i have found people to be really very nice and courteous here. They are so humble and good. When on the road they respect the women, give way to children and disabled and behave as good and educated as possible. (they say test a nation and its behavior when they are on the road.) I like it here. all the peace and tranquility. After all, Is not that what life is about? Experiencing and living it to the fullest!



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