List of Things You Need for a New Baby (Shopping Guide)

Hi Guys, I am going to write about the seven things you absolutely need to have if you are expecting a baby.  I am not mentioning my favorite brands or any brands at all. This post is about just mentioning a list of things you need for a new baby before your baby arrives. However, rest assured that these are going to help you immensely so do not even think to compromise on quality. Get the best of them.

baby shopping list and guide

List of Things You need for a new Baby

Now I am going to share details of 7 things you must have , if you want to relax after having a baby. These things will prove helpful for you whether you stay at home or go out with him. So, let’s dig deep into this list.

1.Cot with mattress and waterproof sheet

It’s basically a baby’s own sleeping place. You need not have a proper nursery for your baby. A cot can just be placed in your bedroom near your bed so that it’s easy for you to approach it frequently. Personally, I would suggest you have a proper Cot, that can be used till the time your baby is ready for his own bed. My tip for you is to buy a Cot with one side detachable so that it can be placed adjacent to your side of the bed and easier for you to handle the baby in early days after delivery.

baby cot shopping tips

2. Car Seat

It’s about time that we start appreciating the fact that babies are the safest while they are tied and placed in their car seats. So buy the one really good car seat for your baby. Better to buy the one which can be used for long. Place it in your car and make your baby sit in it. It’s a must have, don’t compromise on this.

new born baby car seat

3. Electronic Rocker/swing – A must in New Baby Shopping

Did you hear those stories which mention that mothers are not able to take bath, relax, eat or maybe breathe? Because babies are so demanding. Forget it now. Get electronic Rocker, put your baby to sleep, place him in that. Switch on the rocker, set to slow swing mode and voila you are good to be away for whatever you want to do.

electric rocker baby shopping idea

However, there are some Don’ts of this:

  •  Don’t leave the baby unattended for long, especially very small babies. Keep the rocker within your sight
  •  Don’t let your baby sleep in the rocker for long. As soon as you are done with your necessary chores, take the baby to bed if he is sleeping
  • One absolute advantage of having this device at home is your baby does not develop a habit to be over clingy to mom. Instead of rocking in your lap you can rock him in this electric rocker and can just sit by his side. Give your muscles some rest and let the technology work for you

4. Playmat

The baby play mat is a must-have. Buy one good mat in the start and it can help you till your baby starts walking. So, it’s worth investing. Give your baby proper tummy time daily. I suggest instead of giving the tummy time on the bed, do it on the play mat. Look for following features at the least for a playmat.

play mat shopping ideas

  • It should be big in size (So that you don’t have to buy another when baby starts rolling over)
  • but should be soft
  • It should be with detachable boundaries (Place boundaries when baby start rolling over)
  • Buy the one that comes with music (It shall keep baby busy when he starts sitting)

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5. Cot hanging toys

This is a very good investment. These hangings help soothe and amuse your baby with soft music in his early days in this world. And later help to stimulate baby’s brain and create an urge in them to get up and hold them. Try to get good quality hangings and my advice will be to fix the hanging toys on foot side of the baby. So that when you pick up the baby, you do not end up bumping your head or baby’s head in them at night.

cot with hanging toys new born list of shopping

6. Baby sleep bag

Get at least two very good quality sleep bags. The stuff of the bag should be according to weather. And my advice is to buy the bag with zips on both sides.  This shall help you in two ways

  • Place baby in the sleeping bag and then in the cot. Very small babies feel relaxed when tied up
  •   Place the baby in sleep bag and he can sleep with you on your bed. For there are days when you don’t feel like putting the baby to sleep in his cot
  •  Frankly speaking , everyone wants to hold the baby, so put your baby in sleep bag and hand over to others. This way others don’t touch the baby with bare hands and baby remains at ease too. Moreover, you will not have to worry about others not holding your precious darling properly.

baby sleep bag new born shopping

7. Stroller

Yes, Buy a stroller. It is indeed a must have in your baby shopping. You don’t want to stay indoor all the time, you will have to plan hangout with your baby. So, make sure that you get not just a stroller, buy a really very good stroller. Because it is going to be your most used accessory in days to come. There is quite a good variety of strollers in a market now. My advice will be to buy the one which can change its baby carrying positions, like from straight to carry very small babies to a sitting position to help carry older babies. Search the market and make a wise choice for your family

stroller for a new baby

That’s all from my side. I made a short list of things you need for a new baby. (But I have a plan to extend this list , later) However, I would like to get your comments about this topic. Is it helpful? Give me  your feedback. Do you think I have missed something? If yes, add it in the comments below so that everyone can access it at one place


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