Holiday Planning – Not Really Fun

Our life has been really busy lately. Have been planning for the holidays that are coming. Yesterday i was making a detailed list of every teeny tiny thing that we might need while we would be traveling and there on our holiday destination. (Let’s not reveal the destination yet 😉 ) . We tried to take time last weekend to complete a bit of preparation but looks like we would be doing it till the last moment, fingers crossed!

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I have been planning for fun holidays and researching the place we have planned to visit. Eventually, i have decided to go with the flow while there without worrying much. From procuring special clothes to shoes and bags, my next thought is to pack light. Well, my stuff shall be just 2,3 dresses, the main thing to pack shall be the baby things. i am planning to pack only a pair of pants and casual shirts, a pair of sleepsuit, some bibs a bath towel , one hand towel (i always keep his towels with me , i never trust a hotel towel for my baby, i know that is being a bit over-cautious but this is how i am. :/ ).

Coming towards the feeding during the travel days, i am not sure how am i going to manage and sterilize the bottles, but i am on the research for the same these days and have figured out a couple of methods including the use of electric kettle to the sterilizing tablets. i am planning to buy sterilization wipes for baby’s pacifier from Mothercare. i read its usage and research about its benefits, i think that shall come handy and shall prove to be so helpful.

I have also decided to buy some ready food for baby, have not decided the products though but i am sure i need some of them as a support with Cerelac. (Although Cerelac is a total lifesaver, when i am unable to cook it , it saves the day!! 😀 ) Having said that i use Nestle Cerelac, my son totally loves eating holiday planning tips and ideas


There are much more about the holiday planning that is going on in my mind. Thinking about the trade-off between different stuff. Discussing with husband about how to travel with the least luggage.  I think i shall post a final baggage detail for you guys to see. I hope everything works out real fine

P.S. : Dear Son seems to be attached with this Bear too much, would he want to keep it along with him to the holiday? Who knows !! 🙂

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