Hello from Muscat !!

Hello Guys, i have started a Family Lifestyle Blog. I have had this idea for quite sometime now and have been thinking over it and finally i am here. Cant believe i have finally taken this giant leap and am actually doing it. I shall be sharing my family’s life style, our food stories and travel adventures, my motherhood Journey and how i cope up being a First time mom who came overseas with forty-one days old baby to live expat life.

On a note to self introduction , I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I had been working full-time previously for many years. Since I have left work as my precious little one arrived (also finding it difficult to get a suitable job overseas). I needed at least something to keep me going. Those who have been working all their lives for a career would know that feeling of emptiness which over takes you once you leave work. No matter how content your life is and how much you value whatever you choose to do. (Which in my case is being a mother). You always feel that something is missing. You miss being a boss (Nonetheless, being a wife means you are boss ;D ).

You miss being on the table , working , achieving, meeting people, knowing everything that is up in your work field. So did i. I felt it all. I overcame it. and i chose to do what i am doing today. This life has its own charms. Being with a baby 24/7 is in itself a lovely , lovely feeling. When he open his arms to me with that face and asks me in his baby language to pick him up and puts his face right onto my chest looking forward to cuddle, I forget who i wanted to be , all my life. Then i just enjoy the moments. thinking about them, capturing them in the camera and writing about them to make a book of my own through my life’s journey. So that one day i look back at all of them and re-live them.

I am currently residing in Muscat. First when i was to move , right after my marriage, i thought a lot about it. all the work related problems and extreme weather. i visited here before i shifted permanent to have a feel of it. Th life felt slow yet peaceful , boring but tranquil. Being someone habitual of a life full of thrill back into my homeland, i was not sure of how will i adjust here. But then my father was the one who convinced me to move. To find  new life here and to be with my family. I set up my own home here and my own life. defining its thrills and living its beauty.

As you would already know if you have come up this far with me , that I am a passionate mother. I never knew i would be. But i am. i shall be talking about all that comes with being a mother. That craziness and forgetfulness. I shall talk about being worried and being awake. and all that which the creature called “mother” does.

So here I am. Finishing this welcome blog post (As the little one woke up for the feed 😀 ) and asking you to follow along. and see what i have in  pockets to share with you guys. For now i shall be sharing some travel videos and experiences that i had being a first time mama. Get comfortable being here in my web space and Happy Reading !! Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Hello from Muscat !!

  • June 11, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Loved reading the first post. Best foot forward with this.

  • June 11, 2017 at 10:29 am

    I just recently move to muscat.love to read ur blog n somehow relate to it; as weather conditions are horrific over here, yet it’s beautiful along with new lifestyle n new challenges of life…

    Good luck 😊


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