First Rain with my Baby Son

“Today I woke up to a rainy morning which surely is a rare sight in Muscat. It reminded me of a rainy day i witnessed in the same city almost a year back. That time I was alone in my apartment as hubby dearest left for work. Instead of having an urge to enjoy the weather I was more eager to sleep. (Oh yes! πŸ™„πŸ˜΄πŸ’€)
Today a year later I was wide awake with my baby son when I heard the sound of the rain shower. Just as the last year hubster had left for work. But i was so quick to move the curtains aside of my bedroom window. I took my boy in my arms and we two enjoyed the rain together. πŸ˜„

I wondered how beautifully my life has changed. How good it is to have a joyful company of a baby. How beautiful it is to wake up early to witness the rain with your little bundle of absolute joy in your arms. How delightful it is to hear him screaming with joy. How lovely it is to see his fresh face when he is up after a good night sleep. How overwhelming it is to be by his side when he sees the first rain. Mashallah. ☺️

Today I have a bigger house filled with small and tiny stuff which have made it a home for my husband and myself. πŸ’•Now I might not be in a perfect get up all the time, with perfect hair and dress. Or I might not have slept all the night. But I have my little one who is always looking up to me for all that he wants. I am humbled and thankful to The ALMIGHTY. 😊

This one is to the first rain that I enjoyed with my baby son. ❀️ May Allah always bless all the babies with the best. Amen.

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