Hello Guys, i have started a Family Lifestyle Blog.  I shall be sharing my family’s life style, our food stories and travel adventures, my motherhood Journey and how i cope up being a First time mom who came overseas with forty-one days old baby to live expat life.

On a note to self introduction , I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I had been working full-time previously for many years. Since I have left work as my precious little one arrived (also finding it difficult to get a suitable job overseas). I needed at least something to keep me going and i chose to do what i am doing today. This life has its own charms.

I am currently residing in Muscat. First when i was to move , right after my marriage, i thought a lot about it. all the work related problems and extreme weather. i visited here before i shifted permanent to have a feel of it. Th life felt slow yet peaceful , boring but tranquil. . I have set up my own home here and my own life. defining its thrills and living its beauty.

I am a passionate mother. I never knew i would be. But i am. i shall be talking about all that comes with being a mother. That craziness and forgetfulness. I shall talk about being worried and being awake. and all that which the creature called “mother” does.

So here I am asking you to follow along. and see what i have in  pockets to share with you guys. For now i shall be sharing some travel videos and experiences that i had being a first time mama. Get comfortable being here in my web space and Happy Reading !! Cheers.