7 Donts of Marriage- Avoid Conflicts and Maintain Good Relationship

Do you want to make your marriage work perfect all the time? If yes, then I would like to share 7 don’ts of marriage which let you avoid conflicts and  keep your wedding knot intact. Relationships start with such great passion. No matter if those start after marriage or before it. There is always so much energy, positive vibes, and trust. With an urge to know more about each other because in the beginning there is always this element of surprise. Always a feeling of a prized possession, a pride. And Couple wants to show off this possession to the world with pride. Even if for that time, being together means to be together only digitally.
So, Where does the love commitment go which makes a marriage successful? Why can’t this honeymoon period last forever? 7 donts of a marriage tips for good relationship

Here is Marriage advice for newlyweds

Here are some tips that can really make your marriage successful if not wonderful. This might shatter some of your most romantic feels about marriage however it can surely help you make your marriage work. As if you go prepared, you will perform better for sure.

1)- Don’t be impatient

Your life has just changed, give each other some time to settle. To live together is going to be totally different from being digitally together (If you had been). Living together means sharing all your life and things with your spouse. No one is used to this or trained for this. So, to say the least, don’t be mad at husband if you see socks on the bed often. And don’t get frustrated if your wife takes time putting on makeup.

couple impatience in marriage

 2)- Don’t expect so much

You cannot know everything about each other .Also no matter how big your claims have been about knowing your partner, there is always going to be some hidden sides of his/her personality which might take you by surprise at times. It does not mean that they intentionally hid this from you. It naturally happens. So, lower your expectations, get ready for surprises dont expect too much donts in a relationship

3)- Don’t tend to be clingy

 It means to be there for each other doing (maybe) different things. Or maybe your partner has different hobbies altogether, don’t feel disheartened. Having different hobbies or passtimes does not mean that you cannot be in a happy marriage. However, make it a point to spend quality time with each other. The idea of spending quality time with your spouse can be different for different people. It can vary from the most romantic idea of fine dining together to most unromantic idea of talking about politics. So, it depends, and it differs. Just do something that makes you feel connected. And my advice would be don’t focus too much on the quantity of the time spent together because it’s really quality that matters the most.  dont clingy in marriage donts of marriage tips

4)- Don’t stop living your life

 It will be the most insane thing if you stop living your life because you are married. Just keep living your life the way you always have. Meet friends, go to work, have fun, meet your family. Don’t stop eating your favorite ice cream because your spouse has a different taste, for example (lol). Your partner should be a wonderful addition to your life journey and you should feel upgraded. Don’t feel or make your partner feel restricted in any way. Let him/her have endeavors and dreams and let them chase and achieve. But it does not mean not to include your spouse in your life. However, understand the difference. Including someone and making your life all about someone is totally different. live your life after marriage tips

5)- Don’t let your marriage take outside blows

You know what was the beauty of the relationship in the start? It was just between you and your partner. However, with time other relationships are involved. Husband’s family, wife’s family, and related issues!! Keep your relationship a private affair. Don’t let it take outside blows. It does not mean to live in isolation without families. No, not at all. It means that if other related to you could not settle themselves with your spouse that should not bother you. Your spouse is married to you after all, not them. Understand it and make peace with it. dont of marriage husband wife and mother relationship

6) Don’t think about responsibilities only

Don’t make each-other feel burdened by the responsibilities that automatically befall on a couple due to marriage. Victim of this sudden responsibility baggage of cooking, laundry, home maintenance is usually the wife. So, extend your helping hand in the house chores. Don’t expect perfection. Don’t glorify your mother and her expertise in home maintenance. This shall not help. Just work with her on these tasks because it’s your house too. Further after all you chose her as your companion. Love your choice and support her. marriage responsibilities tips

7)- Don’t be disrespectful towards your spouse, EVER

Respect and trust each-other the way you guys used to do at the start of your relationship. And work hard to maintain this trust and respect for each other. There can’t ever be an overdose of these. The more the merrier. keep-calm-and-don-t-be-disrespectful

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