7 Best Baby Skin Care Products for Massage, Rash, and Dryness

Mothers feel really bad when their babies suffer due to skin rashes and other skin issues. So, I decided to share the best baby skin care products for massage, rash and Dryness. One can grab them to get rid of all such problems a mother can face. My two years old boy did not have any skin related issues. Besides been very thankful to Almighty for saving him from this, I have always tried to be vigilant about it.I have this thumb rule that whatever touches my Baby’s skin should not be less than the best.

baby skin care products

So, I am sharing two things here

1)- My Baby Boy’s skin care products which are very few as I believe in using fewer products on a baby’s skin


2)- His skin care routine. (Does not it sound cute to you? A two-year-old baby’s skincare routine. Haha)

Best Newborn Baby Skin Care Products

I got a huge set of baby products as present from a friend. However, I picked and chose some for daily use. There are still Other products that I have never used at all. For two reasons

a)- There was no need

b)- I was not satisfied with the product

List of necessary skin care products for newborn

1)- Sudocrem – Rash cream

This should be your first purchase for your newborn. Because babies may develop diaper rash relatively easily and frequently too. Especially babies born in Winters because we tend to wash them less and tendency to develop diaper rash increases. So, it is one of the best baby skincare routines every mom should follow.

So, a diaper rash cream shall help you abundantly. I used sudocrem and sudocrem only. If rashes are in early stage and are not very bad. It can come in handy. There are other diaper rash creams available in market too. But I can’t really talk about them because I have not used them . It is a safe product for newborn baby skin.

Caution: If a baby has developed bad diaper rashes and baby seems very restless and cry non-stop. You need to visit your baby’s pediatrician. Because some medicated antibiotic cream might help to keep rashes from getting worse. Don’t treat severe conditions at home.

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2)- Baby Oil

Baby oil is a necessary product to have. It shall help you in following

  • Baby Massage- Babies love massage. Once you experience your little one’s joy while you do this. It shall become your favorite activity too. Massage before putting him to bed and see how peacefully he sleeps
  • Oiling your baby’s diaper area- It helps to keep baby calm and his diaper area dry. Oiling does not affect your baby’s skin the way powder does. Every time you change pamper just massage a little with oil.

baby oil for baby skin massage skin care

3)- Baby cologne

Well, why not. Although babies smell heaven. But at times the careful use of baby fragrances can be very refreshing for mama and baby both. Somethings that I used to care for while putting cologne are as these:

  • Always use this on baby’s cloths- Because, why would you prefer using directly on the body at all. There is no need. Always try using fewer products on your baby’s skin
  • Put it on baby’s lower body or back (on his clothes)- I once experienced that my son started sneezing when cologne was put on his chest.
  • Never put cologne on his sleeves- Because babies tend to suck on their hands and sleeves.
  • I would suggest Johnson baby colonge.

best baby skin care products for odor johnsons baby colonge reviews

 4)- Olive Oil

No matter how different and good baby oils you use, nothing can beat the goodness of olive oil. Always keep a bottle of Olive oil in your baby’s skin care products. Massage him with olive oil once in a week or in a month. Whatever suits you. I found it very helpful especially in winters. I used to massage my son’s chest using lukewarm olive oil. I used to just put a clove in that oil sometimes. I experienced that it helps and saves the baby from getting cough and cold. It is one of the best organic skin care products which is used by almost every mom in every corner of the world.

organic olive oil for baby body massage baby oil

Why I don’t replace baby oil with olive oil?

There are basically two reasons for this. Although I know and believe that olive oil being a natural product can help baby’s skin better

  • It has its smell which is not very pleasant. And I always wanted to wash my baby after using olive oil on him.
  • This smell gets into baby’s clothing and becomes a permanent part of it until washed. As baby’s clothing is usually more expansive so maybe you would not want it to smell like olive oil all the time. So I used to do olive oil massage once a week only in winters.

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5)- Petroleum jelly or baby Vaseline

Vaseline is so helpful. Sometimes baby’s skin is dry or shows the sign of dryness. Baby Vaseline can be used on the dry area. It really helps in healing. Baby vaselines are odorless and such good moisturizes. It is one of the best baby skin care tips home remedies you can use without much concern.

baby petroleum jelly baby skin care tips home remedies

6)- Bioderma Atoderm Creme Review 

Sometimes a moisturizing lotion is necessary. I had to buy one when my son developed dry patches on his skin. His doctor told me about this and since then its in my house. I use it to moisturize his skin after bath. It very helpful and efficient. I chose this product after reading several baby skin care product review online. But I am quite satisfied after using this cream.

Caution- do consult your pediatrician before using. Its always good to keep pediatrician on board before using a product on your baby’s skin.

You can get this product here

bioderma skin care antirash cream

7)- Baby shampoo and body wash or top-to-toe wash

Yes, you need baby shampoo and baby wash. There are also top-to-toe wash available. I used different brands for this. My favorite is Johnsons. There are also soaps available. You can also use soap. But I have felt that body wash is easier to use on new-born.

best baby shampoo and lotion baby products reviews

How Do I care for my Baby’s Skin? Follow My 2-year old’s skin care routine

Does not it sound cute to you? I care for my son’s skin more than I care for my skin. Although babies have great skin naturally, but it needs proper care as well

  • I hardly use any soap for my boy’s face. I usually wash it with some drops of yogurt or little milk. I don’t believe in using soap on the face. Sounds strange? Maybe. But that’s how it is
  • I never let his face air dry.
  • I use his face towel. Yes! His separate face towel or tissue paper.
  • I never rub his skin with a towel. I just pat it to absorb water
  • I put Vaseline on his face after the bath. Always a little. To avoid any dryness
  • Sometimes when his lips are dried out. I use butter or milk-cream on his lips
  • I put baby Vaseline on his lips when he sleeps. Because Vaseline heals dry lips faster
  • I keep a close eye on his diaper area and in case of smallest of rash I put some sudocrem (anti-rash cream) on that area
  • I change his pampers at regular intervals even at night.
  • I save my baby boy’s skin from direct sunlight.
  • I try to offer him a lot of water. Because of more the water in-take less the chances of a dry skin/lips
  • I give him oil-massage almost daily
  • I keep him clean. He takes a bath daily. And more than once in summer. Because only a clean skin is the best skin

Wrap Up

What is your baby’s skin care routine? I am sure you have your own. You can share this with my readers who remain concern about their baby skin and health. In addition, if you are using some other baby skin care products then you can mention them in the comment below. Don’t forget to tell me why you prefer using them.

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